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  About us
Located in Jinan city of Shandong province, Jinan Wanduoxin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized fine chemical enterprise and a private enterprise of Shandong province. 
Abiding by such tenet of "taking market as guidance, technical innovation as support, environmental protection and safety as mission; establishing brand by honest business and dedicated style", we are devoted to the development of fine chemicals, etc. 
Now, our main products are bactericidal and water treatment environment-friendly products, which now are widely used in new strategic materials of daily chemical spices, pesticide, pharmaceutical synthesis, high performed ceramics, glass, aerospace, nuclear power, shipbuilding, and automobile, etc.
Science is the first productive force. Taking creativity as the power of development, we carry out regular management for achieving further development in leaping way. Now, we are working hard to build a young, professional and well-educated work team. Passion achieves dream, youth creates bright future. Upholding such idea of "making perfect quality, providing excellent service for people and society", we insist to make clean production and perform green production. Through establishing a safe and environment-friendly enterprise, we work hard to develop recycling economy and aim for getting sustainable development. 
"Providing first-class products and services, working with customers for creating a bright future" is the service and business philosophy of our company. Our general manager and all staffs sincerely welcome your business and visit. We are looking forward to cooperating with you for getting rapid and continuous growth and achieving better future!

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